The majority of Los Angeles homeowners overlook the cleaning of the attic. They virtually ignore its existence. The attic, though a hidden compartment in your home, still plays a vital part in maintaining the internal temperature. It's well connected to the living space, and its condition up there affects the health and hygiene of your family members.

When it comes to attic cleaning, DIY may come in handy. However, we suggest you hire an insulation expert like Attic Guru to do the job for you. It may seem costly initially, but it can be effective in the long run. Here are 5 signs that your attic requires a thorough clean-up:

  1. Enhanced Utility Bills

Several Los Angeles homeowners experience inflated energy consumption consistently. The heating and cooling systems, such as air conditioners and HVAC, work harder. A blockage in the air ducts or filter is one justification for why this might be the case. Your home air conditioner accumulates dust from the dusty attic, which clogs the ducts and forces the AC to work harder and consume more energy. In addition to replacing the filters and cleaning the air ducts, you should also use a duster or vacuum cleaner to sweep the attic.

  1. Health conditions

Several infectious diseases like asthma, flu, and cold erupt due to external influences. If you start noticing numerous atypical health conditions, including teary eyes, sneezing, and dizziness, the source could be the interior air quality. You should immediately plan the cleaning of your attic and the air ducts. It will significantly improve the whole ambiance.

  1. Foul odor

Do you have a tidy home with clear gutters and functioning plumbing, but the odor of something unusual still permeates the house? The source of the issue could be the attic. The presence of dust, garbage, and animal waste, including the presence of dead animals, can all contribute to a foul odor invading the living area. The issue should be resolved promptly with a thorough attic clean-up and removal of all those carcasses and droppings.

  1. Temperature Fluctuations

If your Los Angeles home is adequately insulated, the internal temperature should stay unchanged, whether it's summer or fall. However, if you have been noticing specific temperature fluctuations, it suggests an issue with the insulation in the attic. An entire attic cleansing, removing all old insulation, and replacing it with a fresh layer is the need of the hour.

  1. Impact of Animal infestation

If you observe abnormal noises coming from the attic, witness little droppings, or find chewed wires anywhere, you probably have an infestation. The only method to eliminate these pests is to have a comprehensive deep cleaning of your attic, including fumigation. The experts can also seal any access points and make repairs to the attic insulation that has been damaged.


Owning a home involves a lot of responsibility. You need to keep up with household chores, perform DIY projects, and maintain your property. Attic cleaning should top your priority list. You may contact Attic Guru, the leading insulation contractor in Los Angeles. They will ensure your attic is 100% free of germs and infestations and you enjoy a normal, healthy life.