Are planning to buy a new house? Well, you should check your home insulation so that your remains safe and energy-efficient for a long time. If you are looking for a reliable insulation contractor in Santa Clarita, then you should contact Rheem Insulation. So, let us understand what first time home owners need to know about insulation.

Hire a professional contractor to insulate your home

If your attics are not installed properly then you might have unevenness in the insulation. If you are using blown-in insulation then it is installed through machines.

However, sometimes, it is unevenly installed, which might result in high energy bills. So, you should hire an experienced insulation contractor to ensure that the insulation is installed properly. Make sure that your attics are evenly spread on the surface.

This will help protect your home and keep the indoor atmosphere pleasant in all seasons.

Improve ventilation in the attics

If the vents of your attics are blocked then you will face issues of poor air circulation into the attics. Therefore, it causes the formation of dangerous elements such as mold, mildew, and fungus.

These can contaminate the attics and damage the insulation. Moreover, you will have health issues if you do not take proper care to keep the attics clean.

When you are installing the insulation or repairing it, you should take proper care to keep the vents in the right places and also check regularly to make sure that the vents are not blocked.

This way air will flow adequately to keep the attic insulation clean, fresh, and germ-free.

Check energy efficiency of your home

If you are using your attics to store various discarded or unused items then it might create pressure on your attics and damage them in the long run. However, attics serve as a great storage space.

But, a heavy burden might cause issues in its stability and functionality. Your attics do not stay effective for a long time and thus collapse over time. The R-value of your attic insulation decreases if it gets collapsed.

So, your HVAC systems work harder to keep your home warm or cool in concerning seasons.

As a result, your home loses its energy efficiency. To avoid such issues, you can remove heavy loads on the attic to ensure that your attic does not get collapsed. This way, your attic insulation will not damage.

Check for Pests and Rodents

Pests also attack your attics to contaminate them with germs and damage the attic insulation to a great extent. If your attics are not properly insulated then the pests enter them and stay there to cause severe damage.

Pests and insects such as birds, bats, squirrels, mice, raccoons, and flies might enter your attics and leave droppings inside it to create severe damage to it. You can detect the mice and squirrels as they create scratching sounds.

Check the leakage or holes in your attics and fix them with the help of a professional to make sure that these external elements do not enter your attics.

Check your home insulation after snowfall or heavy rains

Those who live in colder climates do suffer from the ice dam issue on the roof in the winter season. However, ice dams do not get formed in the attics. They are formed on the exterior roof when the snow gets accumulated on it. This snow starts melting in the daytime and again freezes at night to form the issues of ice dams.

This problem can damage your roof and cause water leakage issues, which further can damage the attics.

So, you can check your roof regularly in the winter season to make sure that ice does not stay for a long time on the roof to cause extensive damage to it. Upgrade the insulation if you notice high energy bills.


You need to insulate your attics properly so that it does not cause any heat and air escape issues later. For this, you need to hire a professional to ensure that your attics are insulated properly.